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When French illustrator Thomas Lamadieu looks up at the patches of blue sky between city buildings, he imagines fanciful characters existing in the geometric gaps formed by the neighboring buildings. Lamadieu shoots photos of those patches of sky and illustrates them for an ongoing series entitled Sky Art. Thus far he has drawn pictures on the skies over streets and enclosed courtyards in France, Germany, Belgium and Canada.

Head over to Thomas Lamadieu’s website to view more images from his whimsical Sky Art series.

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You deserve someone who knows how to make things up to you after hurting you. Not someone who is very good with just the word “sorry.”


But you can’t hide. [imgur]

Owl Turd Comix by Shenanigansen
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I wish I were never born.

Im tired of being alone… I wish i had someone who cared about me, I wish I had someone who wants to talk to me… I hate going to bed at night wishing I had someone to say goodnight to. I wish I didn’t have to hold all my secrets, all my thoughts to myself all the time… Im going insane, and I wish I wasn’t alone anymore.


yong ho ji : hybrid human tire sculptures

image courtesy of gana art

korean artist yong ho ji has expanded his ‘mutant mythos’ series, continuing to create sculptures with layers of used tire strips
bound together by synthetic resins on supporting frames of steel, wood, or styrofoam. examining genetically modified organisms
and darwin’s evolutionary theory, this body of work depicts eight stages of transformation in the tradition of classical sculpture:
carnivorous, herbivorous and omnivorous animals, anthropods, fish, hybrid animals, hybrid humans, and finally humans.